New Character Vocaloid Series 03 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted figure Megurine Luka Tony Ver.

Tony Taka once again join hands with the figure maker Chieri to bring a Vocaloid to life. This time, the lucky girl is the mature and seductive Luka. Under Tony Taka's pen, Luka takes on an even bolder attitude. Her pink hair swirls around her like a haze, the clear material brings out the delicate, translucent colours.

Turn her around and see all the parts that a 2D illustration couldn't show. The head of the microphone in her hand shines gold, it contrasts with the black of her fluttering outfit. Very beautiful and very glamorous, Luka brings her collectors to a Beautiful World.

To celebrate the release of her figure, she has performed a new song to put in her commercial.

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